onsdag 27 maj 2009

Jubilee - Where’s the Afterparty?

1.Otto Von Schirach-Bass Low
2.Redlight-Rock The House
3.Cubic ZIrconia-Fuck Work (Proper Villains/Jubilee Remix)
4.BOLTAN-Laughing Through My Teeth
5.Star Eyes- Disappear (Dexplicit Remix)
6.Blackfinger-UMF (Heavyfeet Remix)
7.AC Slater-Rock it Out (Rob Threezy Remix)
8.CT Burners and Jubilee-Kick It (Dj Donna Summer Club Step Mix)
9.DJ Rampage-Loving You is Easy
10.Dre Skull featuring Sizzla- Gone Too Far (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
11.Sticky Featuring Lady Stush- Dollar Sign
12. Toddla T and Herve-Shake it featuring Serocee (wittyboy remix)
13.Mask-Badman Forward
14.Zinc-138 Trek
15.Jammin-Kinda Funky
16.High Rankin-No Money for Guns
17-AC Slater-Calm Down
18.12th Planet-Be Blatant
19. Joker-Do it


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