torsdag 18 juni 2009

Despite his young age, Beatmakin Troopa has quite a moved history in Iceland's Hip Hop scene. After being part of the legendary Twisted Minds Crew and having contributed to the solo works of his bandmates Mystic-One and Rain, he teamed up with his father, sound artist Jafet Melge, to start the Ambient project Stereo Hypnosis. En passent Beatmakin Troopa has released two instrumental records on his own, which make “Search for Peace” already his third solo-release. You can tell from the songs that this guy is no beginner: the new album sounds very sophisticated and all of a piece. Again Beatmakin Troopa finds your ear by mixing laid-back beats with jazzy, catchy lounge tunes.

Beatmakin Troopa - To Shy To Say Hello

/ Unqonditional

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