måndag 15 juni 2009

Momma's Boy

I think that those of you who has liked the recent house music post should check out Momma's Boy. Many of us has already got an taste of him from the For Weirdos Only / Freak Mode EP by Douster on Sound Pellegrino as he did a remix For Weirdos Only. Actually Douster is one of the next to get an EP on Sound Pellegrino. His myspace tells us of a new Loco Niño EP on Anabatic Records famous for the recent Concumbia EP by Worthy & Yankee Zulu. But also about his new EP on Sound Pellegrino WedouWedou EP. Look out for Momma's Boy as he will be one of the house crafters worth look at this summer.

Douster - For Weirdos Only (Momma's Boy Remix)


/ Teo

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